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New Website Checklist

05/10/2022 06:22:52 PM


by Tanya Charney

As you start to look around, please also check out the following to-do's. This is such a great opportunity to make sure Bet Torah has all of our latest information and much more! Here is a checklist to get you startedRead more...

Comparing Ruth to Abraham: The Power of Inclusion 

04/25/2022 07:10:06 AM


by Carol Haber-Cohen

Temple bringing the first crops of the harvest to thank G-d. It is customary to eat dairy meals on Shavuot. Why, you ask? In true Judaic fashion, there were no fewer than seven reasons to explain this custom, ranging from...Read more...

Installation of Rabbi Lisa Sacks

04/25/2022 07:00:28 AM


Photos by Joanna Segal

Photographs of the Installation on April 6, 2022.

Context Clues

04/25/2022 06:37:54 AM


by Rabbi Aaron Brusso

One of the more moving films I’ve seen recently features the story of a hearing child of deaf adults. The movie CODA, titled after the acronym made for those children, tells the story of ...Read more...

Facilitating connection (to dessert)

04/06/2022 12:00:00 AM


by Rabbi Lisa Sacks

What a fabulous evening. Thank you all again for being here. It’s really so exciting for me … it’s obviously such a special occasion … because when the dessert reception is in your honor, you get to select what’s being served. I’m totally serious.Read more...

Our Humanitarian Response to the Fighting in Ukraine

03/09/2022 02:05:17 PM


by Jill Ratner

The immediate result of political unrest and war is a humanitarian crisis. As we watch the invasion of Ukraine we see death, destruction, widespread chaos, insecurity, and the displacement of ordinary citizens who find themselves in the path of danger.Read more...
Wed, May 25 2022 24 Iyyar 5782