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11/16/2023 03:00:00 PM


It appears that yesterday’s March for Israel was a very long but exceedingly gratifying day for the roughly 100 members of the Bet Torah community who participated. They joined their voices to those of the several hundred thousand people gathered on the Mall, demanding that the hostages be freed, Israel be appropriately supported, and anti-Semitism defeated. A number of Bet Torah members have shared their thoughts on the day:


Jill Ratner - “It is hard to sum up the feeling of being surrounded on the National Mall on a beautiful day by 290,000 of your own people and people who have joined in expressing solidarity. The only other time you can have that experience is in Israel itself- in a way, this was a microcosm of Israel- every group of Jews, every color, every age. But all there with one purpose. To send a love letter to Israelis. We will suspend our lives and our worlds to be able to reach you in a moment and say we love you; we will not desert you; we need you. We are family. Thank you, Rabbi Sacks and our bus for grounding us in our tradition and sacred context- this was definitely a deeply emotional and spiritual day, and it was so helpful having you set the tone and guide us spiritually.”

Ilana Perlman - “A huge todah rabah for such a safe, well-organized, and inspiring day. I am always so grateful to Bet Torah- today particularly so.”

Richard Stern - “I think that the massive turnout of Jews from across the religious and political spectrum should impress upon Congress the broad Jewish belief in the importance of supporting Israel’s fight against Hamas.” 

Emma Hest - “Yesterday was certainly a day nobody wanted, but a day we will never forget. Loved all our laughs and being in it together. And I think about how lucky we are to be able to process all this together as a community.”

Jen Sokol - “Yesterday was so meaningful. I am grateful to have shared the day with all of you. Thanks to Rabbi Brusso, Hana, Seth & our amazing bus captains, Debbie & Larry, for your inspiring leadership and teamwork!”

Allison Myers - “It was such an amazing day. I never felt more proud to be Jewish.”

Abby Siegel -  “I am so grateful for the opportunity to have gone to Washington DC representing my family, my Bet Torah community, and our people. Walking onto the Mall, it was incredible that there were hundreds of thousands of people, yet it felt safe, felt peaceful, and there was an over-riding common mission. The image of so many Israeli flags waving with the backdrop of the US Capitol was amazing! Some memorable moments were: the Maccabeats leading all in the Hatikvah; a powerful speech by Harriet Schleifer, which made us all proud, and listening to the mothers of three Hostages, which was heartbreaking. Despite the early hour and long bus rides, all of us seemed to come together with such a feeling of community, patience, and support, helped by many, many snacks. Reflecting back, I realized I hadn’t been among so many Jews in one place since my last trip to Israel. That’s what it felt like on Tuesday. It felt like being home away from home. Thank you to Tanya Charney, Rabbi Brusso, Rabbi Sacks, Seth Young, and all who stepped up and made this trip possible.”

Edward Finkelstein - “Thank you again Rabbi Brusso, Seth, Debbie & Larry. A wonderful, meaningful, important day.  Glad we were all together to be a part of it!”

Greg Schwartz - “Thank you for all your efforts. It was a great day to support Israel.”

Carol Haber-Cohen -  ‘For all the time we spent on the bus, we could have been in Israel, but I guess we really WERE in Israel for a few hours! Am Yisroel Chai! I do want to take the opportunity to thank the Herculean efforts that went into organizing this life altering trip.  Yasher Koach to Tanya Charney who forged her way through every hurdle.  Jill Ratner, who doesn’t take “no” for an answer, Seth who was supported by Alexa, Ilana and Joanne and of course our spiritual leaders, Rabbi Brusso and Rabbi Sacks!  Most of all, I thank the most incredible Jewish Community I am so proud to be part of -Bet Torah!  עם ישראל חי

Larry Rose - “Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this day. It certainly was an adventure. Best day of the year.”

Rabbi Sacks - “Never have I spent a more meaningful day so well fed!”

Eve Hausler - “This day was beyond memorable.”

Eden Edrei - “Tuesday was amazing. I felt so blessed to be with you on the bus. I think one of the main thoughts about yesterday is the fact that we are not alone and that there is huge hope between all of us.”

Caroline Lisker - “It was such a special day. I’m glad we could all share it together.”

Jamie Rosenfeld - “It was an amazing experience that we all shared.”

Alan Bergman - “Although unable to attend the rally, I was there vicariously, watching it live on my computer monitor. Hearing hundreds of thousands of our Jewish brothers and sisters singing Hatikvah and chanting ‘Bring Them Home’ and ‘Am Yisroel Chai’ were highly emotional moments for me. Thank you to those who organized the trip, and thank you to all the Bet Torah members who made the journey.”

Fri, December 8 2023 25 Kislev 5784