Bet Torah

Paired Learning Program

Ready to connect with a friend or family member, near or far, by engaging in an exciting course of Jewish learning that you and your study partner choose? Want to expand your social circle by studying with a fellow Bet Torah member you might not know (yet)? Were you dazzled by the people who shared what they learned in last year’s program at our Shavuot evening program last year? Then Bet Torah’s Paired Learning Program is for you.

And this year we have greatly expanded so there is something of interest for everyone with 29 potential topics for you to choose from! The list includes topics in social justice, the arts, food, history, mindfulness, traditional text study and much more. Check out all the possible topics here:

If you are interested and have a partner great! And if you are interested and don’t have a partner also great–just let us know and we will pair you up.

When does the program start? Let us know your interest by February 12th and you can start learning February 19th.

How many weeks of study will there be? Most of the courses are 10 weeks of study, but we are allowing for over 12 weeks. We will culminate once again on Erev Shavuot when we will come together to celebrate and share with one another what we have learned.

How will each pair study? Any way each pair wants: in a home, in a Starbucks, in the meet and greet area outside the Cantor’s Office at Bet Torah, or via Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangout. And if you don’t know how to use Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangout, have no fear. We will teach you how to meet face-to-face over the internet so you can study with your partner whether you are 5 miles or 5660 miles apart (New York to Tel Aviv: 5660 miles).

How much will it cost? $36 per person. Read what Jerry Fensterstock had to say about it.

Sound interesting? Let Rabbi Koffman know at

Have more questions? Contact Rabbi Lori Koffman at or Mike Gordon at