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Wednesdays, 6:00-7:00 in January 2023. $140 for six weekly courses. Registration will open in December. Program contingent on enrollment.

Are you interested in an intellectual discussion of important topics in Jewish life with your Bet Torah peers and an academically-minded adult mentor? Our Jewish Learning Fellowship is perfect for you!

Jewish Mythology!? Some of the Greatest Jewish Myths

We may know about Greek mythology, Norse mythology, Roman mythology, Egyptian mythology…but did you know that we have our own Jewish myths? Mythology might seem to be antithetical to Judaism as it is a monotheistic religion, but there is much more to a myth than just supernatural or god-like forces/beings. Together we’ll explore some incredible Jewish stories and creatures that might be as extraordinary as the minotaur or Thor’s hammer.

Micah Cowan

Micah Cowan is a first-year rabbinical student at JTS originally from Rockville, MD. In 2019 he received bachelor’s degrees from Columbia University and JTS in Linguistics and Bible. Before starting rabbinical school, Micah worked in the Jewish community Budapest, Hungary as one of the Joint Distribution Committee’s Jewish Service Corps Fellows and for USY in logistics and operations. Micah has a strong background working with teens as he has staffed four USY summer travel programs, numerous chapter, regional, and international USY events, and worked at Camp Ramah in New England. When Micah isn’t in class, he loves spending time with his two year-old nephew Aviv and Israeli folk dancing for hours on end.

Past JLF Programs

2021 (Pilot Year) - PG-13 Bible Stories

In this series taught by rabbinical school student Lindsay Goldman, we will explore some extraordinary stories from all over the Bible including new characters, as well as characters with whom you might be familiar--but I bet you didn't know they did this! We will address everything from angelic beings and lesser-known miracles to issues of consent, gender, and sexuality. Maybe our ancestors were more like us than we knew... Let's find out!

Lindsay Goldman

Lindsay Goldman is currently in her third year of rabbinical school at the Jewish Theological Seminary. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in General and Special Education from New York University. Lindsay spent two years at Maryland Hillel as the Jewish Experience Associate and later served as the Slifka-Nadich Rabbinic Fellow as a first year rabbinical student.

Prior to studying at JTS, Lindsay spent two years teaching middle school Rabbinics at the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School in Rockville, MD. She currently teaches at Ansche Chesed Hebrew School, DC Minyan Cohort Pilot Program and is the Slifka-Nadich Rabbinic Fellow at The Bronfman Center at NYU.

Lindsay loves country music, traveling the world, and reading new books with her book club.

Thu, December 8 2022 14 Kislev 5783