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Shabbat Kulanu

Shabbat Kulanu means "Shabbat Together" and helps families experience Shabbat services and be connected to the larger Bet Torah community. This program is required for Hey (5) and Vav (6) students and essential to our vision of sharing sacred time together. 

First Saturday of the Month for Hey (5) and Vav (6) students and families

9:45 am- start time for Vav (6) students and parents

10:15 start time for Hey (5) students ( parents invited to Parsha discussion or attend Services)

Concludes - end of Services (approximately 12:00 pm)  October - May

NEW 2023-24: Vav (6) and Hey (5) regular classes WILL MEET on the Sunday after Shabbat Kulanu.

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What should we wear and bring? 

Please dress appropriately for Shabbat and bring your special Siddur. Parents and adults are reminded to bring their Tallit for Shabbat Services. There are also Tallitot available to borrow.

Does Shabbat Kulanu count towards our Service attendance requirement as part of our Bnei Mitzvah process?

Yes. Attendance will be taken and shared with Nili Ionascu, Director of Bnei Mitzvah Program. We encourage families to attend 2 Shabbat Services per month in the 2 years prior to their child becoming a B’nei Mitzvah. 

How do we use the Shabbat Attendance cards?

Shabbat Service attendance cards are kept in the Sanctuary lobby. Collect your card before the Service and at the end of the Service hand your card to Nili, Cantor Ezring, Rabbis Brusso or Sacks, and your attendance will be recorded.

What if I cannot attend with my child on Shabbat morning?

If you cannot attend with your children, please ask another parent to “buddy-up” with your child. We would prefer to have parents attend with their children.  

Is there still class on Sunday for after Shabbat Kulanu?

NEW 2023-24: Vav (6) and Hey (5) regular classes WILL MEET on the Sunday after Shabbat Kulanu. 

What if we are NOT invited to the B’nei Mitzvah service?

Everyone is invited to Shabbat every week, regardless of other community celebrations.

Grade Shabbatons

As part of the Kulanu curriculum, all students in Gimel through Hey, will have the opportunity to lead a prayer during a Friday night service. Each grade has their own Shabbaton every year.


celebrate Shabbat with us!

Thu, June 13 2024 7 Sivan 5784