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Young Families are an incredibly valuable part of any synagogue. We want our young families to feel embraced by the wider community and view Bet Torah as their Jewish home. We have a variety of programming to meet the needs of young families in our community allowing young families to connect Family-Family, Children-Children, and Adult-Adult.

Children are an important part of our community. At Bet Torah we strive to create ways for children to participate in rituals, holidays and community building events in a way that’s fun, exciting and age-appropriate! We offer Shabbat Shaboom on the first Saturday each month as well as holiday programming appropriate for children from birth to third grade.

We also offer opportunities for adults of young children to connect socially at events and through Lifelong Learning programs specifically for adults of young children. 

Bet Torah aims to meet our community members where they are on their Jewish journeys individually and as a family unit. Twice a year Bet Torah hosts a Shabbatini Young Family Services and Dinner (November 17th and March 8th) featuring a special family Shabbat program followed by dinner.

Bet Torah also offers several community events through-out the year that are fun for all ages such as Community Breakfasts sponsored by Men's Club, a Hanukkah Party, and a Purim Carnival.

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