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Bet Torah is very proud to have a strong and dedicated volunteer community that helps in all aspects of leadership of the synagogue.

We encourage collaboration and communication and welcome all. To learn more about our leadership and future leadership, please contact Amy Horowitz, President 2020-2022, or click the links below.

Current Board of Directors | 2022 Annual Meeting| 2022-23 Board Nominations

Board Members 2021-2022

President - Amy Horowitz

Executive Vice President - David Simonds

VP Ritual - Diana Binger

VP Development - Neil Klar

VP Life-Long Learning - Abby Siegel

Treasurer - Adam Kupperman

Communications Secretary - David Kellogg

Financial Secretary - Sheri Hametz

Recording Secretary - Tanya Charney

Cultural Arts Chair - Elisabeth Schonfeld

Event Fundraising Co-Chairs - Jody Klayman & Tara Bernzweig

House Chair - Richard Sweig

Marketing Chair - Natasha Hanan

Message Chair - Pam Rosman

Nursery School Chair - Shirley Goldman

Young Family Engagement Chair - Robyn Frank

Annual Fund Chair - Joanna Segal

Board of Education Chair - Corrie Jacobs

Human Resources Chair - Don Fried-Tanzer

Israel Affairs Co-Chairs - Phyllis Stone & Renana Shvil

Legal Chair - Daniel Petigrow

Long Range Strategic Analysis Chair - Jodi Kravitz

Membership Chair - Caroline Lisker

Membership Data Management Chair - Larry Rose

Nominating Chair - Carol Siege

Security Chair - Sam Hest

Social Action Chair - Jill Ratner

Technology Chair - Scott Binger

Youth Engagement Chair - Andy Lupatkin

Men’s Club Co-Presidents - Scott Hirshson & Josh Winograd

Sisterhood Co-Presidents - Carol Haber-Cohen & Mindy Krueger

Wed, May 25 2022 24 Iyyar 5782