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Tikkun Olam - Repairing the world

“You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to desist from it (2:21).” Pirkei Avot

In our Bet Torah community, many members are busy trying to do their small part to make this world a better place. Some are working as individuals, others are involved in organized group projects, many are making generous financial contributions to worthy causes, and some are involved in educating others about those in need. Some people choose to focus on community or local needs; others focus on Israel, on emergencies in the United States, or on the broader world situation.

As a result, Social Action at Bet Torah is diverse and layered. Over the last three years, it has been housed in four separate initiatives or committees which function separately but work cooperatively. They represent Chesed - Acts of Loving Kindness; Tzedakah - Justice; and Tikkun Olam - Repairing the World.

They are the Caring Committee, Community Service, Social Justice, and Interfaith Working Group.

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Caring Committee

Leadership: Nancy Fried Tanzer, Erin Davis Kuflik, Paul Rosenfeld

The Caring Committee works in partnership with our clergy to support our congregation in times of need. Our volunteers perform deeds of loving kindness and offer meaningful outreach to guide our community in living a life of spiritual and physical well-being.

Comforting Those Who Are Bereaved (Nechama)

Volunteers reach out to congregants who have lost a family member and offer a variety of support services following shiva and throughout the year

Caring Connections (Lev Echad)

Lev Echad tries to ensure that no congregant feels forgotten or isolated.

Comforting the Sick (Bikur Cholim)

Volunteers contact congregants dealing with serious illness, recovering from injury or surgery, and evaluating if any further support is needed.


Community Service

Leadership: Michele Posner Supporting Our Community through Action

Community Service maintains year round programs which offer a meaningful volunteer experience for adults and youth, while providing needed services to the community. We do this by partnering with several local organizations. Our four primary partners are Emergency Shelter Partnership, Neighbors Link, The Mount Kisco Interfaith Food Pantry, and The Community Center of Northern Westchester in Katonah. Additionally, we work with the New York Blood Center, Midnight Run, and other initiatives as needs arise.


Social Justice

Leadership: Elaine Merker

Assistant leaders: Linda Dishner, Liz Schonfeld

The mission of social justice is to mobilize our community, using Jewish principles of moral righteousness. We operate with respect for the diversity of opinions among our members, as well as respect for the inherent human dignity and worth of every human being.

The current areas of focus for the committee are: Immigrants Rights Initiative, Racial Justice Initiative, and Antisemitism Initiative.


Interfaith Working Group

Leadership: Sandy Kellogg

The Interfaith Committee brings together a group of Bet Torah congregants with members of other faith-based organizations to share events, information and explore our faiths in a meaningful and respectful manner. It is our hope that through personal interactions and working together we will build bridges that will strengthen our community and create partnerships of understanding and resilience that will unite us. Born out of the Mount Kisco Interfaith Women’s Teas, Sandy Kellogg has forged this initiative. Since 2019, we have met in a group to discuss our religious practices, share ideas and events, and plan further initiatives.

If you are interested in finding more out about ongoing activities and events please contact Sandy Kellogg:

Sat, September 24 2022 28 Elul 5782