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Shabbat in the Sanctuary

Shabbat is a sacred space in time—a taste of the world to come. We value the opportunity to gather, to reflect, and to feel as if all our needs are met. Shabbat is the centerpiece of the Bet Torah experience, offering warmth, comfort and inspiration. We articulate our vision for this experience as follows:

“We come together as a community to celebrate the joy of Shabbat. Bet Torah welcomes individuals to participate in song, study and prayer."

Bet Torah prides itself on having a strong worship community that participates each Shabbat morning.

Kabbalat Shabbat: Fridays, 6:30pm (Kabbalat Shabbat prayer book)
Shabbat morning: Saturdays 9:30am (Shabbat morning prayer book)
Saturday Mincha/Havdalah B’nai Mitzvah (seasonal, times vary) (Shabbat Mincha prayer book)

ZOOM NOTE: All Bet Torah Zoom services are password protected. You may call the office for the current password during office hours.

Shabbat Morning Beyond the Sanctuary


Contemplative Shabbat Service

Contemplative Shabbat Service: 9:30-10:30 am, every second Shabbat of the month, in-person in the chapel and on zoom.

Click here to join by Zoom (ID: 82296207078)

Join Rabbi Sacks for a spiritually rich Shabbat morning experience of singing, learning and meditation.

Shabbat study

Parashat HaShavua: Saturdays 8:45am/9:00am-9:30 am.

Join fellow congregants in studying the weekly Torah portion. Each Shabbat at 8:45am/9:00 AM a group of Bet Torah congregants gets together to discuss that week’s Torah portion before services. Members of the group take turns each week leading what is always a lively and informative discussion. A wide range of Torah knowledge is on display as every participant brings their own perspective and insight to the conversation. No one knows too much or too little to participate. Please join us for this fast half hour of Torah conversation. We meet in the library and look forward to having you share your thoughts and ideas with us.

Going Rogue: The Bet Torah Apocrypha Study Group: 1:00 pm-ish.

All are welcome to join this study group focused on the apocryphal books (ancient texts that did not make it into the biblical canon). In-person and on Zoom

Click here to join by Zoom (ID: 86502838833)


ZOOM NOTE: All Bet Torah Zoom services are password protected. You may call the office for the current password during office hours.

Torah Blessings (where honoree is not present with the Torah)

Before reading of the Torah

After reading of the Torah


Shabbat programs for all

At Bet Torah, we aim to meet our congregation wherever they are on their Jewish Journey. We offer a variety of special Shabbat Programs that are engaging, inclusive and educational. 

  • Shir Shabbat for Young Families: Join Morah Mindy on the first Saturday morning each month, in the BT Library. Kiddush to follow.
  • Shabbat Kulanu for our students and their families
  • Shabbatinis and Havdalah celebrations for our youngest members
  • Sisterhood Shabbat
  •  Youth Shabbat
  • Inclusivity Shabbat... plus more. Stay tuned!

For a list of upcoming Special Shabbat events click here

Mon, June 27 2022 28 Sivan 5782